QReservations makes it easier to stay on top of your bookings. Using a bookings software is cheaper and easier than you may think, but saves time, effort and reduces no-shows.

Unlike commission-based software, you can take as many

bookings as you like for one simple monthly cost.

restaurant website

Stand out from the competition

Don't drown amongst the competition on third party sites.

Increase Organic Website Traffic

Direct customers to your website and increase your visibility on search engines.

Interactive floorplans

Agile floorplans, smarter planning, more revenue per service.

Merged Tables

Have one booking spread across multiple tables.

Real-time calendar updates

Customers choose their ideal seats from what you have available.

Put down the phone

Reduce telephone bookings by sending customers online

Efficient dining room management

Floor staff know exactly where your customers are during their meal with colour coded courses shown straight from your till!

Improve customer experience

Change-over in staff is now a seamless process as new staff can instantly see what stage diners are at during their stay. Staff can better plan for future bookings and walk-ins simply by knowing when tables will soon be free